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About us


Who is Intra Research

We are an online panel specialist providing access to over 160.000 consumers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our focus is quality, speed and excellent customer service. We are a Swedish company with local offices throughout the region.

High quality service

We believe in quality as clients are basing their most important decisions on our data. We put stress on speed as we know that our clients expect us to answer e-mails fast and provide the results according to agreed timetable. We put the customer first in all situations – we listen, pay attention and give them what they need.

Online panel research

We cover several markets where other panel providers have issues to deliver, making us the preferred partner for most international buyers. We offer an extensive range of services from programming and scripting to hosting and sample delivery. All of our key team members have more than five years experience managing online panels.

Our panels


Strong panels in 8 countries

Currently we have more than 160 000 active panelists throughout Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Egypt and U.A.E. – making us one of the preferred panel providers in the region. We are one of the few companies that provide services in all eight countries. Having local presence gives us a unique knowledge about the specifics of each country.

Multi-source recruitment

We use multi-source recruitment to avoid sample bias. Our panelists are recruited via telephone, face-to-face and web which enables us to make sure that our panels are always up to date even in the hardest target groups. For specific client needs we keep the offline and online recruited panelists separate in dedicated panels. We gather detailed profile info about our panelists – this allows us to draw representative samples and target low penetration segments on both demographic and socio-economic variables.

Strong panel management

We update our info on the panelists on a regular basis. We believe that good panel management is the key to running successful surveys, thus we aim to provide good and fast customer service not only to our clients, but also to our panelist. We try to engage our panelists as much as possible via offering various different types of incentives from points to lotteries. Panelists are encouraged to spend more time on the panel portal filling fun surveys so they feel they are part of a community with a mission.


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